Unfortunately we DO NOT have kittens available
          for reservation at this time  
However we do expect a new litter in Aug. 2020

If you would like to be notified when kittens become
available , please feel free to send us a message to the email address
on our contact page of the website , and in the subject line put " add me to the
announcement list " . We
do not accept  reservations/deposits  prior to a litter
being born . Our kittens reserve very quickly when they are occasionally
available , and they are reserved by first come first reserve . So if you wish to
reserve a kitten , you will have the best chances if you are on our announcement
list .

Maine coon Kittens for sale in Indiana , Illinois , and seasonally Florida .

Kitten price is $1000 for females & $1500 for males with CFA registration (pet price only )
Th Our kittens are raised literally under our feet from day one , in our dining room, and are
handled continually since the moment they are born. Not only are they beautiful , but they
are exceptionally friendly
                            Kitten reservations require a $300 deposit
Here some of our Previous Maine Coon kittens
                Thank you for viewing
Coon Shadow Maine Coons
   breeders of  quality Maine Coon  Kittens in Indiana / Illinois
Show us the Kittens !!!!
To be added to our "kittens announcement list" , please
feel free to e-mail us and tell us you would like to be
added to the list .We will then add you to the list so that
you may receive the most current updates as kittens
arrive ,as our kittens typically reserve very quickly !

Silver female

Silver male

Silver male

This litter will be
ready for their new
homes Feb 10 , 2019.
Sired By Ivan The
Great & Midnight


       All kittens are reserved at this time .

If you are interested in a kitten in the future , please feel free to  
email us and in the subject line put " add me to the list " , and we  
will send out announcements as kittens become available