We are a small scale hobby Maine coon cattery , located in South
eastern IL .  Producing happy and healthy Maine coons  with friendly
and outgoing temperaments . Parents of kittens are tested for HCM
( Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy ) , Hip Dysplasia ,  feline leukemia
virus (FeLV) and , feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) .

We have a focus on more seldom seen colors of the breed such  as
:   Solid black  , Black smoke , Blue , and Solid white .
Our foundation Maine Coons are multi champion lined imports from
Europe and Canada .
We strive to produce kittens with predominant lynx / brush tipped
ears , & XL tails .

Even though we often see more solid colors in our kittens we do still
occasionally have classic tabby colors as well .   

We have been active in the Maine coon breed since 2002 .  All  of
our Maine coon kittens our raised on our home , underfoot , with
other animals , and are socialized from day one . Our kittens are
sold with a spay/neuter contract . ( unless upon specifically  under
terms by written agreement and co-operation between our cattery
and another  Maine Coon cattery for betterment of the breed/gentics
and/or showing or co-ownership) .

We believe in health first , temperament second , and beauty third !